The official language of the committee is English.


Focus of the committee

  • Promoting the use of numerical methods in geotechnical design
  • Addressing the role of numerical modelling in geotechnical analyses in accordance with design codes
  • Promoting R&D activities within the field of numerical modelling
  • Establishing a relationship with TC103 (ISSMGE)
  • Acting as a networking as well as knowledge-sharing platform for members
  • Inform members by means of a newsletter 2-3 times per year
  • Organizing seminars, workshops and invited lectures


Members of the committee

  • Marco D’Ignazio (Chair/Leader), Ramboll
  • Ville Lehtonen, Ramboll
  • Juho Mansikkamäki, AFRY
  • Hannu Jussila, Golder
  • Mauri Koskinen, University of Oulu
  • Wojciech Solowski, Aalto University
  • Monica Löfman, Aalto University
  • Mika Knuuti, Tampere University
  • Kim Andersson-Berlin, Profund
  • Mirva Koskinen, City of Helsinki