| Alan kansainväliset tapahtumat

As earlier announced, we are organizing a geotechnical excursion to the Netherlands. Most of the visits will take place in the western part of the Netherlands. The visits will start on Wednesday noon (6.5.2020) in Amsterdam and will end late Friday afternoon (8.5.2020) to give the opportunity to have a flight from and to Helsinki on the same day.

The maximum number of participants is 20 for practical reasons.

The excursion is in cooperation with RIL, SGY and RGY as well as with the Dutch sister organisations.

The participation fee will be around 300 €, pending on participation. The price is excluding flight costs and hotel reservations as this leaves freedom to arrange a personal travel plan.

If there are specific request on subjects or issues of interest please respond soon as we might still be able to include. For early registration send an email to Arend Oudman or Paul Gerrits.

The deadline for registration is March 1.

We hope to have the final program online mid-January including an option to register online.

For more information contact Arend Oudman, arend.oudman@hel.fi tel. 040 187 8496 or Paul Gerrits, paul.gerrits@ramboll.fi (040 485 9364)